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SUP Expedition Near Revelstoke

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Alright, here is a story of a paddle expedition I did this fall. On a lovely grey Saturday, I choose to pack a few drybags with my camping gear to go camping by the water. The camping site, I had in mind was just a short drive out of town to the Revelstoke Lake. The put-in to my destination was at the miles 5 boat ramp.

After arriving, I start getting my gear ready to go on the water, pumping the board and moving the dry bag to shore where I will strap to my board when ready. During that time, a family was making they way to the shore a well to go fishing on a small motor boat. As the mom passes by me, she mention a comment about being brave to go paddling that day as the weather as cool (10”C) and a little windy as well. But I mentioned that I will wearing a wetsuit with the proper safety equipment. She still make a little smile and make her way to the boat with her two young girls. After they left, I start getting dress, put the wetsuit, long sleeve thermal, a windbreaker on and neoprene boots. I also put some glove and a neoprene tuque and on easy access location in case I may need them later. As I was securing all my gear on the board, a family with a dog made they way down to the boat ramp. The dog ran to me as it was curious like his owner. The dad start asking me a few questions about what I was doing. Than he ask me a classic question that I always kind a find fun of where I am from due to the way I speak. His guess was from either New-Zealand or Australia, where I did indeed spend some time but I simply respond that I was from Quebec. Told the family, to envoy they weekend in our lovely town of Revelstoke, than push of and start paddling north.

After a few strokes, I had an interesting thought that came to mind, I was feeling very comfortable paddling at this particulier moment. Was it because of the small waves, because of getting back on the water or because I workout those legs earlier that morning for legs day. But being back on the water, I felt excited and was looking forward for the next few hours by myself. I took my time, goof around a bit on the board and made it to a beautiful waterfall. I believed it’s the Coursier Creek that come down to the lake but I never confirm that affirmation. Take time to enjoy the moment, drank some water and continued my journey to my campsite.

A little more north, there an immense rock surface that we call WaterWorld around here. It’s a climbing area very popular but no one what out that afternoon. As I look to the other side, I realized that the wind did slow down and the little white cap of the waves was gone and the wave were not more a gentil flow going south. I could have a better timing to start my crossing. As I made it, to the western side, I start hearing the sound of falling water. I was now next to my campsite, there a little gauley where a stream drops to the lake as a waterfall. It’s close enough that you can hear it as you lay in your tent. I went closer to have a look as it was rainy that week so I was curious of it size.

Than, I was ready to set up camp, I put my tent up, manage where I will make a fire later, organize my cooking gear and settle on a chair and started reading the a book that I brought along. As dark come down, I cooked dinner and rally some wood. Starting the fire end up being interesting as it rain a lot over the last week, the wood was damp. After trying a few different fire start strategy, fire got lith up and created some heat.

After an hour or two around the fire, time come to go rest in the tent with a cozy sleeping bag. The night was restful, slept longer than expected but I wasn’t in a rush on that lovely fall day. I stay in bed and envoy my cozy sleeping bag and grab my book to read a few pages. Than I came out, I made some coffee and spend some time watching the branch moving with the breeze as well of the small wave on the lake. From this side of the lake, I could admire the beautiful fall color that cover the mountain range on the other side. Then slowly, the thought of decamp start coming

Campsite on Lake Revelstoke
the campsite

in my mind, but I took some more time to enjoy this beautiful landscape that I was around. I got the gear back in they drybag, load the board and start paddling my way back. As I made my way to the lake, the fog than was over the lake start to let thrust some more light from the sun to the point the sun was fully out and the fog was now gone. As the sun was coming out the wind also came to play with a stronger breeze, creating some white cap on the later, the good new was the I was down wind. AS I paddle, the water got choppier and my leg were tired from the day before. Out of blue, I start wombling on the board, I try to go for a brace, but it didn’t catch, fall forward. I was sure that was it, I was getting wet but I felt on the board. Strech my leg and got back up to continue my journey. I was a sail on the water, so I paddle gentile and let the wind do most of the work.

When I got the shore at the Miles 5 boat ramp, I met an old woman. She was getting herself ready for a paddle with a sit on top kayak. By now, the sun was fully out, afternoon was around and the lazy was choppy. The color and the smell of fall was in the air. I could see in her eyes that she was stock to go out for her last paddle of the season. After she left, I put all the gear, deflate the board and put everything back in the car.

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